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Family law is unique because it involves much more than simply the concept of winning and losing -- especially where children are involved. This means balancing aggressive, expert advocacy with sensitivity to the best interests of my clients and their children. I am an accessible counselor and advisor to my clients, and a formidable but fair advocate to my opposing counsel. I am tough and yet professionally courteous and fair-minded. An attorney does not have to behave like a street thug in order to obtain a good and fair result of a family law case, but I will never allow anyone to take advantage of my clients.

Law Offices of Laurel Stuart-Fink, PLLC

Graduated from Detroit College of Law cum laud in 1984
Practicing law since 1984

Professional Affiliations:

- State Bar of Michigan
- State Bar of Michigan Family Law Section
- Chairperson, Family Law Journal
- Ad Hoc Committee on Shared Economic Responsibility Child Support Formula
- State Bar of Michigan Appellate Section
- Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) Faculty Member, 5th Annual Family Law Institute


Admitted to practice in all state courts and currently practicing in family courts in the following Southeast Michigan counties:


in addition to my law practice, i'm also a fine art photographer. check out my photography website at